Believing the Best in People. Perspective 26.

10th of February, 2018. 

It’s actually very funny that I am writing this post because one year ago, I wouldn’t have agreed with this post. Believing the worst in people was more like my motto. I was cynical of people and I strongly believed that everyone in the world was motivated by their own selfish motives.

I guess it was easier for me to accept that people were bad first rather than to accept that they were good people. Every time I met someone who was so nice and down to earth, I became apprehensive of their behavior and had many doubts about their kind nature. I became used to having people in my life who put their selves before me, who didn’t care about me at all and who were just always thinking about themselves. I was always waiting for people to show their true selves which according to me was mean, rude and selfish.

Being cynical can make you feel lonely like it made me because believing that everyone is only looking out for themselves is not something that is easy to digest. I got to this point where I was so cynical that I couldn’t even trust people because I was so confident that they were going to do something bad, that they were going to betray me.

I recently decided that I had had enough of believing the worst in people and that I wanted to start believing the best in people. Believing the best in people doesn’t mean that you ignore their faults but it means that you believe that everyone has this reservoir of goodness inside them even though they may not be able to express it as clearly as you may want them to. 

After adopting this ideology, I noticed that when you believe the best in people, they may just surprise you. The truth is we are all good and bad and some find it easier to express one more than the other. Everyone is good and is a wonder waiting to be explored. We have to give people chances to let their goodness be discovered and they may just surprise you. Don’t give up on anyone. This is something that I am always going to be working on but I am hoping that I never give up on people and always believe in the good of people.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Thank you.

Lots of Love,

A Shy Introvert.


Published by A Perspective on Life from a Shy Introvert

Hey! I'm a really shy introvert. I like watching movies and I enjoy writing in my spare time. Through my blog, I hope to inspire,encourage and uplift anyone who may read it. The blog includes my perspectives on life and my experience as a shy introvert. I hope you like it.

5 thoughts on “Believing the Best in People. Perspective 26.

  1. My cynicism of humanity skyrocketed following the advent of online social media. I was taken aback at how dark, abrasive and combative people can be under some semi-anonymity behind a keyboard (not to mention brazen racism, sexism, and plenty of other -isms) Whether it is Facebook threads, newspaper comment sections, YouTube commentary, etc. (blogs and moderated message boards, on the other hand, tend to be more civil and engaging). I was, and still am to a certain degree, disturbed that I live/work/drive amongst so many vitriolic “trolls” who’d rather argue with shock-memes than respectful dialogue. It really opened my eyes, and not in a good way.
    So I, too, struggle to convince myself that the vast majority are good people (which is true) and the insult machines that populate the twitterverse are just a small but loud minority. I’ve taken steps over time to tune out the noise, though sometimes it’s hard, and also try to see the ‘good’ in people.
    Anyhow, great post and enjoy reading your entries.

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    1. I totally agree. People can be so cruel when sitting behind a computer or their mobile phones. And they just write whatever they feel like. Also all the terrorist attacks, the news that I read doesn’t make me even want to believe that people can be good. I think that it’s important to tune out the noise and I don’t ever think that ever think that seeing the good in people is something that will come easy for me or for you but we do need to work on it. Thank you for commenting and understand my view 🙂


  2. I love this! I know how you feel… when you’re used to people using you and being selfish it becomes a natural reflex to expect that in other people too. It also makes you incredibly unhappy. Once you believe in people, I feel that we naturally become so much more positive. We cannot judge a whole group based on our bad experiences with a few people. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re well! X

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